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ShedFast is Where to Buy the Sturdiest Shade Shelters in Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast

When you have to store something you own outside, you want to ensure that protection from the elements. Whether it’s something as simple as your garden tools or a valuable investment such as a caravan, leaving them exposed to the harsh extremes of the sun and rain can lead to damage and other problems over time. Erecting a simple shade shelter and parking your caravan or mower underneath it can provide all the protection you need. For easy to build and sturdy shade shelters, Brisbane should turn to ShedFast. We are a leader in the portable shed industry and for good reason: we know what it takes to build a good shelter. It doesn’t matter what you need to shade from the harsh rays of the sun. We can build shade sheds to suit whatever needs you have. If you have been trying to figure out where to buy shade shelters on the Sunshine Coast, look no further. Once you learn about our sheds, you’ll know they’re the right ones for you.

By far the strongest shade shelters Brisbane can buy

Being situated on the Sunshine Coast, shade shelters are going to be a necessity. First, we use only the best Australian steel. No part of a ShedFast shade shelter is made offshore, we keep it right here in Australia. We use 100% ALLGAL steel that is up to 30% stronger than the average steel. Our heavy duty frames are rugged and built to last and they have the most protection where it counts: the ground. That’s where all the moisture sits! Our ground runners are hot dipped galvanised, meaning they resist corrosion longer and stay stable. Other shade shelters simply spray paint over the welds, but we galvanise them. This keeps rust out of the welds and keeps your shelter standing strong. The corners of our shelters have a strong angle to them, which further increases stability. ShedFast has the sturdiest shade shelter the Sunshine Coast can offer. Our sheds are easy to build, too and most can be put up in just one day. This means that for a quick and affordable solution, ShedFast’s shelters are the most convenient option.

We’ll custom build to suit any individual’s needs

Do you have a really large caravan that you need to protect? What if it’s not a caravan, but a whole bunch of horses that you want to shade from the sun? ShedFast is proud to work closely with our clients to provide unique custom solutions to all of their problems. Shelters begin at three metres wide and up to four metres high, but beyond that, we can build to suit. Whatever your dimensions are, we can make sure you have coverage that’s the size you need. No matter where you are in Australia, whether it’s in Brisbane or somewhere else on the Sunshine Coast, we ship flat pack kits to you.

Don’t spend endless time wondering where to buy your shade shed. ShedFast is ready to get the job done. Ring us on 1800 SHEDFAST (1800 7433 3278) or use our web enquiry form to request more information. And we’ll get back to you.