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For the Best Portable Sheds Around Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast, Turn to ShedFast

With the different extremes that the weather can go to in Brisbane, portable sheds can provide a real benefit to many different kinds of people. You may need a shade shed for a number of different reasons. Perhaps you are living in a more rural area and you need to provide a shady spot for your animals to graze, drink water or simply to get out of the sun. The easiest way to accomplish that goal is with a ShedFast portable shade shed. For portable sheds, Brisbane has no better option. Our products are manufactured with only 100% ALLGAL Australian steel. No imported products mean that this is high quality workmanship. Whether you need a small shade shed or a very large shade shelter, we can manufacture our shed kits to exactly what you need to get the job done. Best of all, our kits are easy to put up. You can have your portable shed built and ready to go the same day that you receive it. We make our products purposefully easy to use.

The easiest-to-build portable sheds available in Brisbane

All you need to assemble a ShedFast portable shade shed is to be a little handy and know how to follow instructions. Having a few mates around to lend a helping hand doesn’t hurt either. For easily portable shade sheds, the Sunshine Coast can depend on us to help you get the job done. We ensure that all our kits come with instructions that will make it easy for you to assemble all of the components. Once you put the shed together, you can trust in it to remain standing for a long time. That’s because we go the extra step making sure our ground runners are hot dip galvanised. The welds are all treated to the same process as well. That means that moisture stays out, which keeps rust and corrosion away. You can even have the entire frame hot dip galvanised as well for an extra durable portable shade shed.

You won’t always need to keep your shade shed in the same place, especially if you are using it to shade animals. That’s why our sheds are easy to disassemble as well. Take them down and move them around your land as you like. It’s just as simple to take our sheds down as they are to put up!

Our products are engineer certified and come complete with certificate

We’re proud to offer the Sunshine Coast with high quality portable shade sheds they can trust. Remember, council rules on structures such as portable shelters vary. To make it easier for you to get approval should your local council require it, all our shade sheds come with an official drawing as well as the engineer’s certificate. This will make getting permission to erect your shelter that much easier. At ShedFast, we pride ourselves on excellent products and great customer service.

If you’re ready to order your shed kit now, give us a ring on (1800 7433 3278) or use our web enquiry form. We’ll contact you back right away!