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Looking for DIY Transportable Shade Sheds on the Sunshine Coast and Brisbane? Shedfast has you Covered

Finding high-quality transportable sheds on the Sunshine Coast doesn’t have to be hard. At ShedFast, we offer some of the best transportable sheds and DIY kits that are available in Australia.

Transportable shade sheds can serve a huge range of purposes. Our products are versatile and the perfect practical choice for people looking for a shelter for their car, boat, trailer or truck. If you decide that it is time to get on the move or you just need to move the shade shed to a different location, the ShedFast allows you to quickly disassemble the product and take it with you. You don’t have to worry about it being permanently tied down to a particular area. Our transportable shade sheds are easy to disassemble but durable when you need it. Never worry about your car getting damaged during a storm again. Simply set up one of our easy DIY transportable sheds and your belongings will be safe from the weather.

What Makes Our Transportable Sheds the Best in Brisbane

If you are looking for transportable quality shade sheds in Brisbane, our company is certain to make you happy. It may be easier to focus on cheap materials, but that is not what our company believes. Instead, we concentrate on providing you with the highest quality materials available so that you know you are getting a product that will last a long time.

DIY transportable sheds are a lot more versatile than you might have thought. However, it is important to get a good quality product that will not let you down. Our products consist of Australian galvanised steel that has undergone the process of hot-dip galvanising. Hot dipping is a process that cleans the product and dips it into a molten bath of zinc to coat the completed product inside and out. This gives the steel maximum protection and durability. In fact, according to the Galvanisers Association of Australia, the process of hot dipping can provide up to 50 years of protection.

Engineer Certified

Even if you are not currently looking for transportable shade sheds on the Sunshine Coast, keep us in mind. Our products are among the best and each shed comes with a drawing and certificate. Our products are engineer certified so that you know you are getting a safe and reliable shade shed.

Think it’s time to purchase a transportable shade shed and get started on your next DIY project? You can contact us by calling us on 1800 7433 3278 or emailing us at to learn more. Browse our website to learn all about the different colour options and sizes we can offer to you. You are sure to find something that will suit your needs perfectly.